The American Dream

The American dream means different things to different people. We at Press Play Media Group consider it an honor to be living out our dream now. While it’s not white picket fence with 2.5 kids, readers and clients like you are helping us realize this dream daily.

A recent collaboration with our client, The Town of Pike Road, left us thinking a lot about the American Dream. Tucked away in Montgomery County, this quiet, farm-friendly community literally came to life on Independence Day. Press Play had the wonderful opportunity to document this sacred holiday for a town steeped in history, yet visibly is catering to a vibrant future.

The day started outside the old Town Hall, with the traditional 4th cars and tractors draped with patriotic colors stole the show. Despite the mayor’s disappointment in the lack of lawnmower entries, he still passed out the coveted winning ribbons at the Feed and Seed around the corner.

The Town of Pike Road ended its festivities feet away from where the town’s future is taking shape: the new Pike Road School. A band played classic rock hits from the back of a flat-bed trailer in front of one of the biggest Independence Day crowds to date. Town officials were floored by the number of young families and children in attendance. Our cameras were rolling as the surreal moment literally rolled across their faces. Without saying a word, it was apparent they knew the hardships, sacrifices and battles to get here were suddenly worth it. Thanks to their enduring effort to create this sanctuary, dozens of young families are now realizing their American dream that does include a fishing pond, white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Rarely do we get the opportunity witness the growth of a town and a school system, being built from the ground up these days. We consider it an honor to document and preserve this pivotal time for a community on the move.

What’s your American dream? Do you have a vision for your company or community? We would love to hear about it. Who knows the great things we can create together. [Contact Us]

*The Town of Pike Road commissioned a 5+ hour shoot strictly for file footage, without a current need for a promotional video. PPMG put together this sneak peek, to showcase a beautiful day spent in one of Montgomery County’s best kept secrets

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