Welcome to Press Play Media Group

Welcome to Press Play Media Group, a note from the CEO.

It’s an exciting time to be in the world of visual journalism. Seldom do you have an opportunity to experience the changing of a guard with visual images: transforming the way we see them and how we utilize them. That sound you hear is the shifting in this nation’s viewing appetite.

Andre MorganFor years, I have been approached by people who are interested in knowing if I do photojournalism on the side (in addition to my day job). For so long, the answer has been no; however, as I continue to look at the future of where television viewing habits are headed, and where consumers appetites are, I found Press Play Media Group to be a “call to action”. Many consumers with access to mobile devices and the internet are changing the landscape of visual journalism. More i-reporters with cameras and cell phones are coming on the scene. People are investing in GoPro cameras and DSL cameras to effort a go at DIY visual journalism.

Case in point, I am communicating with you via a blog. This was unheard of years ago, therefore, just like days change so does the appetite of the viewing public.

I want to welcome you in joining Press Play Media Group as we embark upon this visual, communicative, and livestreaming journey. It is our effort to enhance and emphasize local communities, companies, and memorable moments that are otherwise overlooked. This will all be fulfilled in the High Definition.

Whether it is a memorable family moment of two people sharing their vows, a nonprofit without a large budget for marketing or little Johnny’s little league football or baseball game that we stream live to the web, so grandma who lives thousands of miles away can still be a part; we are committed to filling a void that has not been met by our industry.

Press Play Media Group not only has the equipment, but we have the staff and the professionalism to handle any job, no matter how big or small it may be. This is a journey that has been a longtime in the making. Nevertheless, we are embarking on this journey with you in mind.

Although we do charge for our services, rest assured we are affordable. The thought for Press Play Media is to enhance our footprint in the market, and use our resources to empower our community through philanthropy. Once or twice a year we will have a social event that utilizes the proceeds to benefit a student, nonprofit or a need in the community. Concluding our last event PPMG gave $500 to a student at a local university. We are working toward another upcoming event where PPMG will give $500 to a local youth football program. I believe in the mantra, ”To much is given, much is required”.

We look forward to a wonderful relationship with our clients. It is important for me to have a dialogue with you. Therefore, I will look forward to talking with you through our “behind the scenes” section of our website. Also, I look forward to hearing from you about a number of subjects and ways that we may better be able to serve you.

Thanks for visiting PPMG,

Andre Morgan
PPMG, CEO & Owner

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