Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Securing a wedding videographer is often an 11th hour decision.  Costs, lack of knowledge about the subject and other budget priorities for the big day usually take precedence.  We’re here to take 10 minutes of your time, with hopes of bringing clarity to (what can seem like) an overwhelming task.


You won’t spend the rest of your life together, but memories recorded in real-time certainly will.  Before you reach out to a videographer, talk to your friends who have braved the unknown and ask about their experiences.  Make a short list, and investigate.  Block off an hour of your day, and utilize sites like Vimeo and YouTube, watching as much of their work as possible.  Vimeo even has channels and groups dedicated to wedding videography.  Narrow your list down to 3 or less.


You can expect any wedding videographer to set up a meeting with you and your better half.  They will want to get to know more about you, your style and expectations for the big day.  This is your chance to do the same.  Since you did your homework, watching various video sites, you know what you want, and what you don’t.  Make sure you convey this to your videographer.  Explain any candid moments, or people you want to insure “make the cut”, and get their feedback.  The ability to reference and show any examples online would confirm they understand your vision.


Wedding videography is expensive.  Press Play has a rule for our brides: even if you don’t choose our PPMG; we want to arm you with information to make the best decision. When a company gives you a base price, it is imperative you ask for a breakdown of the costs.  Specifically:

  1. Does this price include 2 cameras?
  2. Will the groom/officiate/bride wear a microphone?
  3. Does the price include a “trailer” of my big day, in addition to a full length video?
  4. Will the video capture shots of the wedding party getting ready for the wedding, cutting the cakes, toast, first dance and leaving the reception? Does the price include a set number of hours?  If so, will you be paying handsomely by the hour to keep them there?
  5. How many copies will be included?
  6. What is the post-production turnaround time?
  7. If the price is outside your budget, does the company offer an “a la carte” option, allowing you to build your videography package?
  8. Do they charge more for certain venues, or charge extra to travel between the wedding venue and reception venue?
  9. What camera(s) do they use, and will your video be in HD?
  10. How does the company accept payments, half-down?  We would NOT suggest paying this in full until you receive the complete number of copies promised to you.
  11. Sign a contract!  Make sure your requests are inked in a document that will assure everyone involved will fulfill their obligations throughout this process. Include any additional shots or requests IN WRITING.  We don’t want to scare you; simply hoping for the best, and planning for the worst.
  12. Will you have rights to the video, and will your image or likeness appear in any promotions for the company in the future?  If privacy is important, this must be articulated in the initial meetings and conversations.
  13. Ask who will be attending your wedding on behalf of the company.  No one wants a surprise on their wedding day, and the person with a big camera in tow shouldn’t be one of them.  Ask the representative who you brokered the deal if they will be shooting your wedding.  If not, and you are shy, make sure they allow you time to warm up to the videographer assigned to you long before your wedding day.

A week before the wedding, you should hear from your wedding videographer.  If you haven’t, give them a call, and make sure everything is squared away and they received your deposit.  This is an opportunity to ask if they plan to come to the rehearsal to block off camera shots, positions, etc.  Also inquire about their plans for your big day.  Get a firm time about when they will show up, and make sure you will be ready for them at that time.  Don’t forget to confirm if the company will stay until you leave the reception.

Wedding videography is such a beautiful token of one of the biggest days of your life.  The laugher, tender moments and happy tears will always resonate with you both as your love grows deeper over time.  Every year, the pastor calling the groom your dad’s name, and the ring bearer who stepped on your train will get funnier each time you watch.  You both will agree you looked like kids, and I almost guarantee, it will make you feel like that same love-struck kids again too.  Congratulations on finding your soul mate, we at Press Play Media Group wish you both immense blessings as you begin your life together.

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